The geometric design

The geometric design - fibonacci, spiral, seashell. Photo by DeanMarston on Pixabay

We like to think of good design as a combination of all the elements that make up a visual language. The first and most important element in the design is geometry, which is the arrangement of objects and space in a clean and coherent manner, using rules and guidelines of proportion, size, and shape. After… Continue reading The geometric design

Fractal continuum. Not the one from Final Fantasy.

Photo by alto2 on Pixabay

The longing for the meaning of life resonates deep within each of us. We believe that our lives have sense. We long to make a difference in the world, but life is chaotic and unpredictable. Often, despite our best efforts to make a difference, we fail to do so. Fractal geometry consists of a basic… Continue reading Fractal continuum. Not the one from Final Fantasy.